Intellectual Property Law


Yasaman Law Firm, as known one of the leading IP firm in Turkey, has extensive knowledge and experience in this field. Having Intellectual Property Law one of its most important practice areas, Yasaman Law Firm offers its clients legal services on intellectual and artistic works, trademarks, industrial designs, patents and utility models and features in every possible dispute on behalf of its clients.

On the Trademark field, the managing partner of the Firm Prof. Dr. Hamdi Yasaman has several articles and books published, such as “Trademark Law – Commentary of Decree Law no. 556, vol. I-II” and “Trademark Law – Articles, Legal Opinions, Expertise Reports vol. I-II-III-IV”.  Furthermore he has published several articles and books on the intellectual and artistic works as well, such as “Intellectual and Industrial Property – Articles, Legal Opinions, Expertise Reports on Intellectual and Artistic Works, Designs and Patents, vol. I-II”. Please see our publications for further information.

Some of our practices in this area include:

  • Intellectual and Artistic Works
    • National and International Litigations on Intellectual Works
    • Litigations Arising from the Work and the Authorship
  • Trademarks
    • Service Marks
    • Trade Marks
    • Trade Dress
    • Domain Names
    • Registration of Trademarks
    • Infringement Litigations
    • Nullity Appeals
  • Designs
    • Registration of Designs
    • Infringement Litigations
    • Nullity Appeals
  • Patents
    • Registration of Patents
    • Infringement Litigations
    • Nullity Appeals
  • Utility Models
    • Registration of Utility Models
    • Infringement Litigations
    • Nullity Appeals
  • Licensing & Distribution Agreements