About Us


   Yasaman Law Firm has been providing legal services to its clients with the experience and the knowledge engendered in the academic and professional areas since 1956. Celebrating the 59th anniversary of its foundation this year, Yasaman Law Firm is devoted to solve legal problems through its dynamic staff standing out with its ability for team-work and its acclaimed legal knowledge in various areas of the law. The Firm, in this context, provides legal services to a wide range of national and foreign clients and consulting services to international law firms.

   The founder of Yasaman Law Firm, Mahmut Ekrem Yasaman, born in 1909, graduated from Istanbul University Law School in 1931. After servicing as a judge for twenty four years, he continued his career as an attorney-at-law of Istanbul Bar Association from 1956 till 1981, the year he passed away

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During a visit of the Great Leader of Turkey M. Kemal Atatürk to the University of Istanbul Law Faculty, Mahmut Ekrem Yasaman, student of the law faculty at that time, is sitting just behind Atatürk...

   The managing partner of the Firm, Prof. Hamdi Yasaman was born in 1947. After his graduation from Galatasaray High School in 1968 and Istanbul University Faculty of Law in 1972, he joined Istanbul University Law School Commercial Law Department as a research assistant in 1973. He obtained his doctorate degree by the thesis titled “Investment Funds in Swiss and French Law and Their Applicability in Turkish Law”. He became associate professor by his lectureship thesis titled “Merger of Joint Stock Companies” and full professor by his professorship thesis titled “Securities Exchange Law”. Prof. Hamdi Yasaman, after working for 26 years at the Istanbul University, continued his academic career at the Galatasaray University Faculty of Law as the head of Commercial Law Department. He was also the dean of the Law Faculty of the same university in the years 2004-2005. Yasaman published numerous books and articles in corporate and commercial law, security exchange law, capital market law, banking law and intellectual property law.  Prof. Yasaman has been actually continuing his academic career as faculty member at the Galatasaray University and his assistants are Assoc. Prof. Tolga Ayoğlu, Dr. iur. Anlam Altay, Dr. iur. Fülürya Yusufoğlu and Dr. iur. Sinan Yüksel. Assoc. Prof. Tolga Ayoğlu obtained his LL.M degree by his thesis titled “Exhaustion of Trademark Rights”, PhD degree by the thesis titled “Public Offerings and Underwriting Agreements” and became associate professor by the thesis titled “Lexmercatoria – International Commercial Contracts” in 2012. Dr. iur. Fülürya Yusufoğlu, after obtained her LL.M degree by the thesis titled “Protection of Computer Programs”, completed her PhD degree by the thesis titled “Patentability Conditions”. Dr. iur. Sinan Yüksel completed her LL.M degree by the thesis titled “Shareholders’ Agreement” and PhD degree by the thesis titled “Merger and Acquisition of Publicly Traded Companies” in 2012. Dr. iur. Anlam Altay, obtained his LL.M degree by the thesis titled “Bankruptcy of the Banking Institutions- A Legal Perspective” and PhD degree by the thesis titled “Equity Joint Ventures”.

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Prof. Hamdi Yasaman and the third generation member of the Firm Zeynep Yasaman Kökçü…

   The third generation member of the Yasaman Law Firm, Zeynep Yasaman Kökçü was born in 1981. After graduated from French high school Saint-Michel, she continued her education at the University of Paris II – Panthéon Assas in the field of Economic and Social Administration and at the University of London King’s College where she obtained her MSc in International Management. After completed her business management oriented education, Zeynep Yasaman Kökçü lastly graduated from University of Paris I – Panthéon Sorbonne Law School.

   Yasaman Law Firm is member of INTA (International Trademark Association), MARQUES (Association of European Trade Mark Owners) and IBA (International Bar Association).